Seven things I’m writing about.

Here is a glimpse into seven of the pieces that are either in the works or on my short list of things to write about. While some may never see the light of day and others might end up on my secret other blog, at least posting this allows you to see what’s on my mind.


  1. How living as an escort with an irrepresable sense of agency is ultimately a screening tool.
  2. The erotic account of the most recent time I witnessed the inception of a man’s new (and according to him, only) kink.
  3. The erotic account of the other most recent time.
  4. What is means to be “normal”.
  5. How the accidental implementation of bad music in the bedroom turn sex from good to magnificent.
  6. Seven times a date started off in a catastrophe/injury laden manner only to blossom into a beautiful and longterm client relationship.
  7. Seven times a new client raised the bar in 2023.