What to expect?

Hey, you! Here’s a little update delineating what you can expect from my blog over the next ~8 weeks.

  • a new erotic video
  • Kettlebells & Sex
  • a case study in good vs. bad booking decorum
  • my spring / summer reading list
  • a glimpse into 7 unexpectedly intimate moments
  • 7 times I’ve witnessed the inception a lover’s new fetish 

I will also post a link to my home renovation and designer couture focused Luxylist wishlist and add new adventures – including live music opportunities – to my date ideas page.

(Did you happen to catch my tweet about finally getting into metal – or more specifically 90’s metal – thanks to the cadre of 40something suits in my orbit?)

Anyway! Keep your eyes peeled, and keep those wheels turning as you plot our spring date.