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More than a GFE.

It's a journey of desire, seduction & exploration.

My 2011 foray into companionship came naturally: The mystique of seducing successful married men has always aligned with my sense of empowerment, I find immense pleasure in cerebral sexuality, and the entirety of my professional career path is rooted in enriching the lives of others. (Read more on my FAQ.)

And because you are reading this, there is a good chance that your life could use a dose of enrichment. Of excitement.

An intuitive and well oiled hand… beautiful full lips spilling breathy utterances… incendiary physical pleasure… yes. A strong yet sweet lover whom you’re proud to have both on your arm and in your bed? Of course. 

But you need more, don’t you?

I am loathed to attribute acronyms or labels to what you and I will share, and find that every bond is different. Each one evolves organically within this space. However, if pressed, I will tell you that I offer an authentic, exploration-forward GFE.

In my lexicon, these relationships regularly span years. They are romantic, they are steeped in a mutual desire to elevate and invest in one another, and they leave inherent room for kinky exploration full of reciprocity.

I’ve always been an old soul with a kind heart, and it is my base state to think in abstraction. I see the best in people and in life.So come to me when you want to spend time with a girlfriend who shares the excitement and pride you feel in your accomplishments, and who wants to celebrate with you.

Or come to me when brimming with existential angst and driven by your lizard brain. Land in my arms when you need the antidote to life.

Let’s toast to it all, or tear it all down. Let’s invigorate one another. Let’s bring each other pleasure, rebuild and recalibrate. Let’s laugh, touch, and intwine as we explore the city, the world, ourselves, and each other. 

Let the symbiosis of us fulfill you.

Is it required that we venture down kinky paths? Of course not. But we will if it comes naturally. (Have you read Night of a Thousand Pleasures?)

At once strong and soft, sensually giving and an erotically vocal advocate of my own pleasure, I derive extraordinary gratification from bringing a man to the edge and back over and over and over again. And as your no-strings girlfriend, I will serve as a catalyst as you unlock those new doors in your mind. I want to feel and taste the effect I have on your body, and I want us to take our time. 

Now that I’m in my late 30’s – and given all that I exude and all that arouses me – you and I will exist on an even playing field as we meander down philosophical rabbit holes over dinner. As we devour one another after a mad-dash back to your suite. 

Long gone are the days when I was a babe in the woods. I possess a deceptively youthful visage and physique and enjoy a robust entrepreneurial life, and I want to hear about what fills the hours of your day. Tell me what makes you feel young.

I want to both ravage and be ravaged. I want to connect with you and experience something bound by common threads. Something that is far more than a fleeting, transitory thrill.

It is my mission to permeate every bit of your consciousness and make you feel like you can take on the world. I want you to close your eyes at night and see the mischievous grin that permeates my full lips. The seductive spark that dances across my mercurial blue eyes belying my hunger.

And I want you to feel my desire for you, even in my physical absence.


The Look

5’8 . 36C-27-36 . long brunette hair, no extensions

mercurial blue gray eyes & a smattering of freckles

a beguiling mix of Scotch Irish & Cherokee

glowing & expertly maintained complexion

minimal, tasteful makeup . tastefully manicured

perfectly veneered smile framed by the fullest lips

I prefer classic styles over trendy, and am overtly feminine in my manner of dress 

First 13 Images Shot July 2022