More than a GFE (+ Gallery)

Ours is a journey of desire, seduction & exploration.

If required to do so for SEO purposes, I suppose I’d describe what we will share as a Chicago GFE. But to label our relationship thusly would sell it short.

Within this space, bonds evolve organically and regularly span years. They are romantic and steeped in a mutual desire to elevate and invest in one another. And they inherently leave room for the possibility of kinky exploration.

At once strong and soft, sensually giving and an erotically vocal advocate of my own pleasure, I want to feel and taste the effect I have on you. And I want us to take our time. 

All my seductive romances – whether they carry notes of vanilla or spice – are rooted in authenticity, communication, and intimacy. So if you crave something with a little kick, you’ll find that I am a natural catalyst and partner for everything you want to explore.  (Have you read Night of a Thousand Pleasures?)

As an empathetic optimist with an old soul, I’m as prone to pragmatism as I am to vividly abstract thought. And I listen.

So come to me when you want to celebrate your accomplishments with a girlfriend who shares in your joy, or when you’re ready to try something new.

Let’s toast to it all or tear it all down. Let’s bring each other pleasure, reinvigorate and recalibrate as we explore ourselves, each other, and our world.

Let the symbiosis of us fulfill you.

Because I’m in my late 30s, you and I will exist on an even playing field as we meander down endless curiosity-driven rabbit holes over dinner. As we devour one another en suite.

I’ll make you feel like you can take on the world. And I promise you’ll feel my desire and affinity for you, even in my physical absence.

Scottish, Irish & Cherokee . 38 years old . 5'8 without heels . 36C / 34D bust, label dependant . blueish gray eyes . silky long brunette hair, no extensions . cerebral and evolving tattoos paying homage to Dali, Vonnegut, Kundera, tardigrades, octopuses, and outer space


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February 2023

“Share with me your secret desires and I’ll show you boundless pleasure.”

He did. And I did. And in the afterglow, he was limitless. More powerful than before.


I’ve watched you watching me all night. I know what’s on your mind…


Our eyes met and our first chapter was written.


The art of the tease.


Follow my lead. I promise you can trust me. ❤️


Join me in a room with a view?


What’s your most animalistic fantasy?


They always said I was an HR nightmare.


Green is the color of renewal and abundance.


And pink is the color of love.


“What then shall we choose? Weight or lightness?”

–  Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being


“And when you eat pancakes out of a bag in a semi-public place, there are rules. 

First off, let people know what you’re getting into. ‘Hey, everybody! I’ve got a bag of pancakes over here. Don’t get freaked out.’ Offer them a round. Don’t worry, nobody’s taking any. 

Then when you go to eat them with your hands… you eat them one at a time. Driver’s ed style. Ten and two. You take a little nibble out of twelve, and then you hold it in your lap until you’re ready for another bite.”

– comedian Kyle Kinane’s “Pancakes on a Plane”


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