Client Testimonials & Reviews

Below you will find a collection of adoring notes penned by some of my most treasured bedfellows. Click any image to expand.

The most recent – added 10/17/2023 – was written by a new friend who shares my love of writing erotica. (Among, as you will see, other things.) It also includes insight into the chemistry I share with gorgeous my best friend Sasha.

Please note that while I implemented a No More Review policy in 2021, my existing ones remain on TER. Scroll down to click the link.

Why did I implement this policy? I get it. Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect toaster, trying to find a new contractor because the last one just stopped showing up, or shopping for a beautiful woman to visit your hotel for a few hours, reviews serve a purpose. 

That said, in 2021, my sense of autonomy had evolved to a point where I felt having explicit things posted online was indiscreet. I see their validity, and mine are stellar. (I spent many years as the top reviewed companion in Chicago.) But I wanted to try and cultivate a more quiet existence. 

How has this worked out? My decision to leave review culture behind was a positive inflection point. And while I met some wonderful long-term men during my active years – while their reviews played a tremendous role in the growth of my career – I much prefer where I am today. 

Now I’m surrounded by men who vibrate more at my speed. I see fewer clients for longer dates, and they’re the guys I want in terms of caliber and consistency. (And in terms of just being really f’ing cool people. ☺️)

They didn’t rely on reviews when vetting me, but rather on the cohesion and depth of my entire brand and online footprint including my existing reviews, links, back links, social media, reviews of my duo partners, etc.

They also gain insight into what we might enjoy together by pursuing the large swathe of erotic fiction I have peppered throughout my blog and site.

I also see men who are predominantly drawn to companions who are devoid of reviews all together (for reasons of discretion) but who make an exception for me.

I’m regularly told that I strike the perfect balance between verifiable and discreet, and it has been brought to my attention that my top two Chicago duo partners being (currently) top rated companions further speaks to my ongoing sterling reputation.

These highly regarded and wonderful women wouldn’t associate with me if I was subpar in any respect. 

Why do my existing reviews remain?  Again, it’s an undeniable fact that these snippets of information allow a potential client to further ascertain the validity of a companion in whom they’re interested. And while I’d ideally like to delist altogether, none of this is an exact science, and I’ve decided to allow mine live on. And with the exception of the fake submissions written by:

Juicy Jet (a positive review from someone I never met)

Carlos Amor (another positive review from someone I never met)

69694times (a woefully misguided woman who had a bad day and decided to review me poorly me while lauding herself and those whom she wanted to befriend)

all of these were written by actual humans who are qualified to speak to my existence. Do with this information what you will, dear voyager! 😘