Client Testimonials & Reviews

Below you will find a collection of adoring notes penned by some of my most treasured bedfellows. Click any image to expand.

Please note that I implemented a no-more-review policy in 2021 in the interest of our mutual discretion.

While gauche, reviews can play a role in allowing you to ascertain the validity of a companion in whom you’re interested. And because I lost a large swathe of my online footprint upon disbanding my site and micro-sites in 2022, I am providing a link to mine in order to help you fill in the blanks.

Please remember that reviewing companions is grossly akin to reviewing toasters on Amazon, and that it is a fallible system. The website linked incentives men to write them – regardless of whether or not the encounter actually occurred – by rewarding them with VIP access. And companions have been known to pen libelous works of fiction in the hopes of negatively impacting those they view as “competition”.

But with the exception of the humorous and imagined submissions written by:

Juicy Jet (never met)

Carlos Amor (never met)

69694times (a woefully misguided companion who had a bad day and decided to review me poorly me while lauding herself and those whom she wanted to befriend)

all of these were written by actual humans who are qualified to speak to my legitimacy. Do with this information what you will, dear voyager! 😘