to the girlfriend exploration.

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Hey, stranger. I’m glad you’re here! And now that you are, we’re one step closer to walking into each others lives. 

I’m Alyx, and since 2011, I’ve had the honor of building enduring bonds with kindred spirits. I love to write and I love to lust, and I love serving as a catalyst for the expansion of erotic horizons. 

Established and easily researched, I’m a part-time companion available for intimate dates in Chicago and beyond via select FMTY. 

My circle of clients is tight and well-vetted and I harbor a particular affinity for men who’ve never done this before. To be someone’s first is an honor.

My foray into companionship came naturally; I’ve always been drawn to creative sexuality, the seduction of accomplished men has long been a favorite game, and I adore a well matched undulation of erotic power.

To ebb and flow with the right person is divine. 

Moreover, and perhaps less pruriently, Being Alyx is entirely in keeping with the rest of my career path. From social work and user research to personal training and my newest non-Alyx ventures, I’m passionate about building connections, enriching lives, and empowering people.

And because you’re here, there’s a good chance your life could use a dose of enrichment, excitement, and seduction.

Of understanding and undulation.

A skilled and well oiled hand? Full lips spilling filthy utterances? Yes. A beautiful lover whom you’re proud to have both on your arm and in your bed? Of course. 

But perhaps you want more.

Don’t let my striking 5’8″ kettlebell athlete’s physique fool you. When we are together, you will feel more than my firm curves and the voracity of a mature woman who knows what she wants.

You will also feel a degree of warmth, openness, and genuine interest in you that – when paired with everything else – positions me your ideal partner in exploration. (Have you read Night of a Thousand Pleasures?)

I know who I am, see the world in vivid color, and live unabashedly. And giving someone the power and space to do the same – to embrace their most authentic self and lean into their desires without fear of judgement – makes me happy. 🙂

Curious? Ready to dive deeper? Then click the button below to feel what comes next. Hint: It will be so much more than a GFE.