to The Girlfriend Exploration.

Hey, stranger. I’m happy you’re here!

I’m Alyx, and since 2011, I’ve had the honor of building enduring bonds with kindred spirits. I love meeting with men and couples for social adventures, culinary capers, and sensually voracious – and sometimes deliciously kinky – GFE liaisons. 

I keep a tight circle of well vetted clientele and have a particular affinity for those who’ve never done this before.

Not in Chicago? No problem! While I don’t tour, I would love to join you for a FMTY date.

My foray into all of this came naturally as I’ve always found seducing interesting and successful men to be an exhilarating game, and because the entirety of my professional career path – from social work to UX research to personal training – is rooted in enriching the lives of others. Read more on my FAQ.

And because you’re here, there is a good chance that your life could use a dose of enrichment. Of excitement, understanding and seduction. 

A well oiled hand and beautiful full lips spilling dirty utterances? Yes. A beautiful lover whom you’re proud to have both on your arm and in your bed? Of course. 

But maybe you want more. 

Don’t let my striking 5’8″ kettlebell athlete’s physique fool you; I’m also warm, unpretentious, and disarmingly kind.

And when we are together, you will feel more than my palpable desire. You will also feel a degree of realness, maturity, and contentment that – when paired with everything else – positions me your ideal partner in erotic – and potentially kinky – exploration.

(Have you read Night of a Thousand Pleasures?)

At the end of the day, I know who I am, see the world in vivid color, and live unabashedly. And I’m growth-minded.

Being able to give my lovers the power to live in kind – and a space in which they can honor who they really are and what they really want – makes me happy. 🙂

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