He knew that I knew his kryptonite.

It goes without saying that this is a work of fiction.

I removed my latex gloved fingers from his mouth and let go of his crimson cock. “Fuck!” He exclaimed, panting and writhing, straining and trying to contain. He leaked.

“Well this is a brand new discovery.” He exclaimed in an astonished tone and through labored breath. “Like.. right now. In this moment. Just… Who knew? FUCK!” I looked over my shoulder and we locked eyes. And then we lost it, laughing.

I was perched atop his chest, and we’d just discovered that sticking my juice covered fingers in his mouth while gently stroking him – my muscular, round posterior in his face all the while – was enough to make him cum immediately.

My right hand had slowly massaged as my left index and middle fingers passed between his lips, and the (nearly) resulting explosion was (nearly) instantaneous. This development gleefully enraptured us for a little while, but then our laughter gave way.

I bit my lip, and that devious gleam flashed across my eyes. Meanwhile, his widened because he knew that I knew his kryptonite. And he knew that I was going to use it against him in ways about which he’d only fantasized.

So my right hand returned to it’s worship, and I used my left to bring myself pleasure.

I savored every ebb and every flow, every moan and undulation. I savored every orgasm I gave myself and every second my fingers spent on his tongue. And then, eventually, it was time for us both to savor that which had been building for so long.

I ran my tongue across my teeth, and then I made him erupt.