I originally penned this in the fall of 2021, and – like everything else – it was lost when I stepped away from Alyx for a bit. But with a reunion with the man who stars in these vignettes on the horizon, I feel compelled to recapture the tale of an animalistic afternoon I spent on my knees. 


Part I


I knew his body so well that I could feel the ghost of it. I could feel the weight of him pinning me to the mattress, and I could taste him. I walked through the front doors of our usual grand hotel and smiled at the doorman as I smirked to myself. I was laughing internally at the lie told by my pretty but chaste frock.

To the casual observer, I was just another attractive woman. What the casual observer did not know was that beneath the demure button-down dress, my breasts were adorned. A delicate yet unyielding gold clamp firmly gripped each rock-hard eraser nipple as per his request. They were his gift to me, and I was his gift to himself.

My head began to swim a little as I neared the bar. I could feel my anticipation ascend with each click of my not-too-high heel. I bit my lip, and then I saw him. Or – more accurately – I saw his smile beaming at me from his vantage point upon a velvet chair.

And it was in that moment that I knew I was his once again. My breasts. My throat. That warm place between my legs. Every inch of me belonged to him.


Part II


Coming 11/5/22