Edging is about intimacy.

It’s no secret that I harbor a great love for playing a man’s body like an instrument. To deliberately stoke his flame and experiment with how many times I can bring him to the edge and back is the most arousing game. And to my lovers, the experience is profound. Yes, it is physically pleasurable and exponentiates the eventual release. But most of the men I see are grieving the loss of / have given up on marital intimacy.

So to experience the palpable desire of a partner who is genuinely invested in slowly and languorously touching them, connecting with them, reading and responding to their breath – to be the recipient of such a deliberate giving of intimacy – reminds them that their pleasure matters and that their body matters. I will write more about intimacy and edging in my new blog, but I’m honored to be a vessel for such experiences, am waxing grateful at the moment, and wanted to share!