26 things you can do to turn me on.

Welcome to the first in a series of lists delineating what you can do to make me fall head over heels in lust. 🥰 I think you’ll be surprised by some of the things that makes me tick!

  1. Exude a laid-back brand of confidence.

  2. Be charmingly shy and introverted.
  3. Collect things. (Bonus points for nicheness.)

  4. Tell me that you’re nervous because it’s our first date.

  5. Kiss my neck in the heat of the moment.

  6. Grab my firm ass with an even firmer conviction.

  7. Teach me new things.

  8. Cook for me.

  9. Let me pick your brain about my various entrepreneurial ventures.

  10. Ply me with champagne.

  11. Let me ply you bourbon and … that thing that starts with the letter b and involves my lips, tongue, and throat.

  12. Then kiss me afterwards.

  13. Share your favorite music with me.

  14. Take me on a trip.
  15. Take me to see live music.
  16. Take a business call while I tease you from the bed.

  17. Take me camping or glamping.

  18. Take me to the shooting range.

  19. Take me riding on the open range. (I grew up competing in the equestrian sports of eventing and of dressage!)

  20. Sport a lingering hint of soap instead of a cloying cloud of cologne.

  21. Be punny.

  22. Put on your glasses so that you can read the menu.

  23. Inspire me to write.

  24. Protest when I declare my intent to spoil you. (But allow me follow through with it anyway.)

  25. Invest in my investments.

  26. Be unequivocally you.