Kettlebells are (literally) for pussies.

At long last, and after much prodding from various lovers – and at the risk of sounding sophomoric – I am here to state the following fact:

I have a really fucking tight pussy. I mean, mine grips, it milks, and it doesn’t let go. And this is vastly attributable to kettlebell swings.

Did you know this ballistic movement, when executed correctly, promotes pelvic floor stability by strengthening the deep core muscles that support the spine and stomach? They do, and I love it. And myriad people in my life love it as well.

And, frankly, I often reflect on this when I’m working out and being ogled. “If only you knew how good it feels.” I think quietly to myself as I absentmindedly bite my lip.

But I digress and will now return to my “I’m technically a personal trainer” offhand parlaying of physiological/kinesiological fact.

Think of it this way: At the eccentric (upward) portion of a kettlebell swing, one “catches” the force of the kettlebell with their glutes and quads and core. And where is the pelvic floor situated? It essentially sits betwixt the three.

So this repeated, loaded contraction works the muscles that bring so much pleasure.

Isn’t it fantastic? I love when myriad passions of mine intersect. 🙂