And so you end up loving your mantra.

Originally written in June of 2023, this fluid piece is a reflection on navigating emotion, commonality, boundaries, compartmentalization, and responsibility within the context of certain companion/client relationships.


“You love someone’s laugh.
Their smile, their scent, the weight of them.
Her curves. Their eyes.
The lens through which they see the world.

You love his taste.

And you’re just like everyone else, so of course you love to cum.

You love money.
You love your time to yourself.
You love your partner.

They love theirs.

You love that no corporation owns you.
(Or maybe that’s a fantasy.)
You love that she lives wild and free.

You love the anticipation and the afterglow.
You love her assuredness and she your authenticity.

You love the ability to connect, but also the freedom to leave.

This experiential space is one of orchestrated romance.

But the best orchestrations hold their roots in some degree of truth.
And every once in a blue moon it all burns too bright.

And the love of increments creeps towards totality.

Then it’s up to you as two responsible and rational adults to figure out what comes next.

And so you end up loving your mantra:

“Maybe in another life. Maybe then we could’ve.'”