Guess Who’s Turning 39?

Updated May 14, 2023. With my 39th birthday on the horizon, I find myself reflecting on the last twelve months. They were full of positive inflection points and sustainable opportunities for growth both within and outside the context of Alyx, and I’ve never been as content, healthy, or secure as I am today. I feel proud and grateful. 

And on May 15th, I will begin my next orbit around the sun with the same dedication to wellness, growth mindset and openness to the bounty of the universe. 

I recently re-hired my nutritionist to help me get away from dairy and poultry and transition to a more plant-based bodybuilding diet. So I’ll soon be cooking up a storm with renewed commitment and vigor.  I will continue to experiment with Biote testosterone pellet transplantation in the spirit of anti-aging biohacking, and will keep setting new PRs in the gym. I will close on my new condo and rent my current one, thereby further diversifying my income streams. I will travel for pleasure with one of my lovers and write more. (To that end, I do have a few new and exciting things in the works…)

Please reach out if you’d like to help me celebrate my birthday in a manner befitting this positivity and vibrance! I am fully booked for April and have a lot of self care plans for May am going on hiatus lite (during which I’ll raise my new client minimum booking to 3 hours) until June 7. 🥰 Thank you for being a part of this beautiful journey!

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