Welcoming our day.

Tell me: Do you have a morning routine? 

I do, and I feel like it is one of the reasons my life today is more focused and joyous than it was when I originally blogged about this in late 2020. Since then, I’ve continued to welcome each day with water, breathwork, movement, and gratitude and have found increasingly meaningful ways to ground myself in my environment.

I stumble bleary-eyed out of bed in my beautiful new condo and fill my Stanley tumbler with ice and water. I never – under any circumstances – turn on the news. (This is especially key today.) 

I savor every sip as I begin the pour-over coffee process. The ritual is precise, and it fills my senses. The hiss of the tea kettle, the clang of the Chemex on the granite counter, the bubbling of the water as it engulfs the coffee grounds: the sound, aroma, taste, and temperature are together wholly satisfying.  

The coffee is made and then consumed as I make my way upstairs. I open the windows, unfurl my yoga mat, and anchor my resistance band to the wall. I alternate between rotating, retracting, extending, and opening while engaging in 4/7/8 breath work. I pause to partake in my hot and cold libations and reflect on life’s positives. 

I am the creator of my day, my weeks, my months, and my years, and I choose to create happiness and joy.

I realize how blessed I am, and it makes me happy. 

I work harder on myself than anyone else. 

I match the energy of the version of me that I want to be. 

I repeat this until my heart is full and my body and brain are active. I repeat this until I am awake. 

Does this resonate? Does your schedule allow you to adhere to a grounding and positive morning routine? What is your ideal ritual? Perhaps you can tell me about this when we see each other! (Or when we wake up next to one another?)