The girlfriend you were never allowed.

In my experience spanning eleven on-again, off-again years as a Chicago GFE companion, I often reflect on why my clients choose to pursue me in particular. Of course, some simply want to get laid. But those are the one-offs in my world, and my long-term client’s origin stories are more profound and impactful. The trust shown to me by the men in my orbit is beautiful, and I will always be honored by it.

Men want to feel desired, feel less alone, and learn more about themselves. They want to explore hardwired fantasies with which their partners aren’t comfortable, learn workarounds for sexually impactful health considerations, and reintroduce intimacy after its dissolution within the context of their marriage.

And it recently dawned on me that on top of any number of factors listed above, the men with whom I’ve experienced the most impactful, long-term, and advantageous relationships – including the two in which I am currently involved – share a common thread: They spend a vast amount of time with and resources on me because I am the woman who got away.

I am she whom they wanted deeply but never seriously pursued due to their need to maintain appearances and adhere to tradition.

By their own words, they have always found themselves wildly attracted to women like me: strong but kind, visually striking, seductive, empowered, and free-spirited. And they often tell of a specific passionate beauty who slipped through their fingers. These are the men who, when selecting a life partner, chose the woman who most accurately aligned with who and what was expected of them. And while life is good, thoughts of what could have been surface from time to time, growing more distracting with the perpetuation of longterm monogamy.

So booking me is their take two. And as for me? I’ve long-professed my affinity for suits with secret nonconformist streaks. They and power nerds are my kryptonite. So it seems that – sometimes – things just work out in a most unexpected and beautiful way.