The fearousal phenomenon.

If I had a dollar for every time one of my regular clients confessed that he was initially intimidated by me, I’d… I don’t know. Have a lot of unexpected dollars lying around? Apparently, there is something simultaneously fear-inducing and arousing about a woman like me. Someone who is both aesthetically and sexually commanding and who openly embraces her role as a blank canvas for a man’s sexual evolution.

Who knew!? And honestly, I love it.

My core group of lovers is comprised of humans with whom I want to spend oodles of time, and I love hearing firsthand accounts of how they pushed through that scary liminal space only to be joyously rewarded on the other side.

Here is one such tale. It comes in the form of a testimonial from a man with whom I have shared so much over the years. Our dynamic is the epitome of kindred spiritdom. So take a peek, and see if this strikes a chord.