“You are the antidote to life.”

“You are the antidote to life,” he said moments after. We shared a salty kiss, and then he held me close. And as my head rested on his chest, I could feel an absence of weight. I was happy for him.

He felt so different now than he had a few hours earlier. The oppressive angst that had surrounded him had been nearly tangible. I’d known him for years, and we saw each other weekly, but I’d never seen him quite like this. The circumstances were messier this time, and she was angrier than before. So he came to me to escape for a while, and in my touch and heart, he found the comfort he needed. And he wasn’t ashamed to let that need be known.

Life can be overwhelming, and answers scarce, even for the strongest. And sometimes, all we need is for someone to remind us of what we deserve.