Through his eyes…

Recently, over the course of two days, I spent five hours getting to know a remarkable soul. (It was thoughts of him that inspired certain elements of Communication & Edging…) This was our first time in each others orbit and it absolutely will not be the last. It was all so intimate and light, and it will live on in my minds eye indefinitely.

But our story to date didn’t end there: This morning I woke up to find he’d exercised his own love of erotic writing by penning something that made me bite my lip. I was blown away by the way he captured everything we both enjoy – our love of edging and laughter*, to name a few – and have posted screen shots here.

Enjoy this salacious glimpse through his eyes!


*The way he described the  organically unfolding tease > moan > laugh > shudder in pleasure > repeat cycle is so accurate and delicious. ☺️